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2017 Tile Design Trends

Natural Materials
Terracotta is set to lead the charge for 2017, next years trends are inspired by handmade/ raw items which will add a touch of character and warmth to interiors again . A natural theme, with spicy shades such as muted saffron, ochre and desert tones.
Marble is due a comeback being a big surface trend for 2017, think luxury bathroom, relaxing spa-like vibe. Marble exudes luxury, paired with brass or gold fixtures and fittings will give your space an opulent edge.
Continuity between natural and synthetic products is key, wood mixed with stone, different textures and finishes will be featuring in interior design projects.


Colour trends
2016 bought us a serene colour palette, 2017 presents us with earthy colours, teal, emerald greens, ochre and grey will create a strong impact on our interior design next year.  Earthy jewel like tones, combinations of modern materials juxtaposed with organic, mixing wood and stone.
Dark greys and neutrals will be making there way in to bathrooms, slate tiles make a very popular choice for creating this style. Grey comes in such a wonderful spectrum of different hues, used correctly can add a tranquil ambiance to your space.

Creative layouts
Be bold and let your imagination run free is the overall theme for 2017. Pattern trends such as herringbone pattern, enable you the designer, to take a relatively ordinary looking tile and give it a contemporary twist, “kit-kat” or “finger” tiles (long thin tiles), look fantastic laid in this style.
Other styles will include laying rectangular tiles laid in vertical straight up pattern rather than a horizontal brick effect, its all about pushing boundaries and out of the box thinking.

Vintage interiors continue to be on trend, adding quirky vintage treasures to your home will give it an eclectic vintage style. However, its not an easy look to pull off, if you get the balance correct it can add a magical effect to any interior space.  There are some fantastic vintage tiles on the market, these will help you achieve that quirky styling.


Large format
Oversized tiles are set to become increasingly popular, consider using ‘rectified tiles’, these tiles have gone through a process of machining the edges to give the tile a perfect straight edge. This allows you to butt the tiles together with no need for grout resulting in a cleaner modern finish without grout lines breaking up the continuity. This adds a sharp contemporary look to any space whether it is big or small. Large format tiles create a spacious open look and can suit contemporary spaces as well as traditional spaces depending on the materials used, for example concrete or marble for contemporary styling and slate effect tiles for more traditional homes.